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Riztech Sweden have a large experience with deals in old and used heavy earth moving machinery and parts as well as new. 

We have up to 20 years experience to deal machines in Asia Middle East Europe USA Canada and all major countries. Now we are going expand with our base in Sweden and also putting focus on all European countries. We have direct line to Japan where we can book any kind of machinery. Our export company in Japan can meet our costumers demands. We offering transport, sea freight, and other extra work when needed to our customers for a better experience trading with Riztech Sweden

We are buying your machine in exchange when needed.

Have any question? Do no hesitate to contact us.

Email: info@riztech.net

call: +46 70 2244050


Riztech Sweden are supplier to machines who ranges from 900 kg to 190 tonnes and we provides heavy excavators as well as mini excavators.

We have the knowledge to give you assist in giving you an overview of what will be required for your business and also with service, maintenance and costs.

We are here to help you find the right solution for your business. So do not hesitate to contact for assistance in planning the right machine for you.


Riztech Sweden provides all the spare parts you may need for your machine, Continue to get the Safety Data Sheet, Chemical products will receive safety sheets of Swedish suppliers at first delivery, The Safety Data Sheet contains information on health and environmental hazards and properties of chemical products and preparations containing hazardous substances while being used professionally.

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